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Ishara candle large with box.jpg

Candle | Large

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Hand crafted in the heart of Paris on the Left Bank, each Quintessence candle is crafted from the highest quality mineral wax, essential oils and scents. With each candle created as part of a collection inspired by the Seasons, there is a candle for every room, occasion, and type of weather.

The Large candles are 600grams with 3 spaced wicks offering 140-150 hours of burn time. The Collection includes:


* Bessinge (Fern)                    * Les Diablerets (Fire Place)                    * 1875 (Snowdrop)

* Aiguille Rouge (Cypress & Chilli)                    * Clark (Leather)


* Etana (Amber & Fig)                    * Ur Zababa (Myrrh)                    * Sargon (Galbanum)

* Ishara (Tuberose)               * Arali (Incense & Rose)               * Apsu (Mint & Orange Tree Flower)


* Belle de Mai (Red Fruits)        * Darling (White Peach)        * Favorite (Plum)        * Royal (Grapefruit & Wood)